6 ATX Power Supply
* ATX 8868 Series
* ATX 8867 Series
* ATX 6106 Series
* ATX 8869 Series
* ATX 6688 Series
* Modular Power Supply
* Internet Bar Power
* ATX 8868 Two Series
5 ITX Power Supply
* Micro ATX Power Supply
* Micro ATX Power Supply
* Micro PS3 ATX Power
* TFX Power Supply
* SFX Power Supply
* FLEX ATX Power Supply
* Shin TFX  Power Supply
* Short TFX Power Supply
* DC-DC ATX Power Supply
* Small ATX Power Supply
4 Switching Power
* CD-S350-5 Series
* CD-S450 Series
* NES-150 Series
* RS-50 Series
4 Adapter
* 5V Adapter Series
* 6V Adapter Series
* 9V Adapter Series
* 12V Adapter Series
* 16V Adapter Series
* 19V Adapter Series
* 24V Adapter Series
* Universal Adapter
2 Battery Charger
* 6V Battery Charger Series
* 12V Battery Charger Series
* 24V Battery Charger Series
* 36V Battery Charger Series
* 48V Battery Charger Series
1 MINI-ITX Cases
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80 PLUS CSCI Bronze Power Supplies

MINI ITX Power Supply

电脑电源 电脑电源  
Super quality,favorable price.
Short circuit/voltage Protection
Above 83 Efficiency
100% new products,work well
High Efficiency.Low Ripple
OEM & ODM provided.
Output over voltage protection
OVP,OCP &SCP.Competitive price
Short circuit protection on
      Products :
all outputs,OEM & ODM provided
      DC/DC ATX Power Supply
      Products :
      FLEX ATX Power Supply
      Modular Power Supply
    Micro ATX Power Supply
      80 plus Power Supply
      SFX Power Supply
      ATX Power supply
      TFX Power Supply

MINI-ITX cases

SFX / TFX / Flex ATX Power Supplies

ITX机箱 ITX电脑电源  
Material: SECC 0.8mm and PC/ABS
special price and good quality
Duosonic New, Mini, Aesthetic
For dual CORE CPU,High efficiency
Small size & fashionable design
Low noise & consumption
MINI-ITX CASE.DVR,Digital set box
reasonable thermal solution
All-in-One PC,Industrial PC......
      Products :
      Products :
      MINI-ITX CASES -Transformers
      FLEX ATX Power Supply
      MINI-ITX CASES -Princess
      SFX Power Supply
  20 kinds of MINI-ITX Cases Select
      TFX Power Supply

AC/DC Adapter

Battery Charger

Production of 2W~200W AC/DC adapter
Professional quality Lead Acid Battery
      Products :
Charger , lithium iron phosphate
      AC DC Adaptor 5V
battery Charger
      AC DC Adaptor 6V
6v-48v battery Charger
      AC DC Adaptor 9V
      Products :
      AC DC Adaptor 12V
      Battery Charger 6V
      AC DC Adaptor 16V
      Battery Charger 12V
      AC DC Adaptor 19V
      Battery Charger 24V
      AC DC Adaptor 24V
      Battery Charger 36V
      Universal Power Adapter

Switching Power

universal adapter for home use

工业电源 universal_adapter  
     Products :

     High quality,acceptable price

     5V10A 12V4A Switching Power
     100% OEM Compatible
     5V30A 12V12A Switching Power
     5V50A 12V25A Switching Power
.    20V.24V USB(DC5V)
     5V60A 12V26A Switching Power
     good quality and punctual delivery